Celemony Releases Melodyne Plug-In

Celemony has released Melodyne plug-in which offers Melodyne’s unique functions for the editing of pitch and timing for the first time as a plug-in directly integrated into a host sequencer. Correct pitch and timing, quantize audio, restructure melodies and more. Supported interfaces are VST, AU and RTAS.

With the ultra-flexible Melodyne plugin, editing audio becomes fast and easy. Thanks to its musical display, unique time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms, unmatched sound quality and intuitive operation, Melodyne plugin makes the resolution of timing and intonation problems child’s play, thereby simplifying, and increasing the efficiency of, day-to-day music production in the studio. At the same time, Melodyne plugin offers fantastic creative possibilities way beyond the scope of conventional audio software.

The main application area of Melodyne plugin is the intuitive correction of the pitch and timing of notes in vocal recordings. With Melodyne plugin you can also, however, edit and optimize single-voice instrument recordings as well as drum and percussion tracks in a flexible manner.

Once the passage you wish to work on has been transferred from the host track, Melodyne plugin offers you context-sensitive tools for editing manually the pitch, vibrato, drift, timing, volume and formants of individual notes as well as the swift editing of any selection of notes with macros for the automatic correction of intonation and timing. A multi-level Undo function provides for carefree editing, and a selectable scale grid for harmonically correct transposition. For Pitch, Formants and Volume, rotary controls are provided that permit the real-time manipulation of these parameters and can be automated from the host.

Melodyne plugin will be available worldwide from the beginning of December onwards from music dealers as well as the Celemony Web Shop. For registered users of Melodyne studio 3 the plug-in is free. The price is $299 / €299; for users of Auto-tune, PitchDoctor, Pitch’n’Time and Waves Tune Celemony are offering a Competitive Limited Time Upgrade Option for $199 / €199. Registered users of Melodyne uno/cre8 can get Melodyne plugin as a Loyalty upgrade for $149 / €149 until February 28th, 2007. After that the loyalty upgrade is $199 / €199. More information on the Celemony Melodyne plug-in.

Author: FutureMusic

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