Solid State Logic Releases MADI To Pro Tools|HD Converter

Solid State Logic has introduced XLogic Delta-Link MADI HD, a professional MADI converter for studio, live and broadcast applications. Delta-Link MADI HD facilitates direct interconnectivity between Digidesign Pro Tools|HD systems and MADI-enabled audio equipment.

With XLogic Delta-Link MADI HD, Multichannel Audio Digital Interface-based audio equipment like routers, digital mixing consoles and converters can now be directly interfaced with Pro Tools|HD, providing simplified interconnectivity, significant cost reductions and elimination of the need for complicated format conversion workarounds.

Delta-Link MADI HD offers systems integrators significant cost savings. Multiple I/O boxes and additional AES/EBU to MADI converters are no longer needed because one Delta-Link MADI HD replaces up to four digital I/O interfaces, delivering 128 channels of digital audio interconnection from a single hardware interface. MADI HD further reduces cost by using an efficient single cable interconnect system and occupies less physical rack space than equivalent systems. Single cable connectivity between Pro Tools DSP cards and MADI cards also means simple system configuration. Fiber Optic MADI allows distances up to 1,000 meters between the workstation system and other MADI equipment. Remote audio routing to and from the DAW is also possible in conjunction with MADI routing equipment.

• 2 Primary port interfaces (32 channels each) to a Digidesign Pro Tools|HD card
• 2 optical MADI ports
• MADI port A offers up to 64 digital I/O at 48kHz, up to 32 digital I/O at 96kHz, and up to 16 digital I/O at 192kHz
• MADI port B duplicates the digital output signal of MADI port A for duplicate signal distribution and back up recording
• Word/SuperClock input
• All input and output channels can be used simultaneously in any configuration. For instance, when combining the Delta-Link MADI HD with the Alpha Link MADI SX converter unit, it is possible to route the analog and AES inputs to the MADI outputs, and at the same time the MADI inputs to the analog and AES outputs.
• The latency generated by the Delta-Link MADI HD itself is limited to one sample (MADI Out) and one to two samples (MADI In).
• A USB interface is provided for future firmware updates

Delta-Link MADI HD and Alpha-Link MADI SX is shipping worldwide and are priced at $3,595 each. More information on the Solid State Logic XLogic Delta Link MADI HD Converter.

Author: FutureMusic

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