Puremagnetik Releases Elektrodrum For Ableton Live 6

Puremagnetik has released Elektrodrum, a new Micropack into their libraries for music producers and DJs. Elektrodrum is a flexible and lightweight percussion ROM player for Ableton’s Live 6 (Impulse and Sampler Compatible). Utilizing extensive mappings of Sampler’s features, Elektrodrum can produce anything from big bad kicks to blurred vision basses. Elektrodrum for Live 6 includes five percussion/synthesizer machines:

Elektrodrum’s ANLG KIT boasts an extensive palette of old-school drum machine sounds. Tweaked to the extreme, the ANLG KIT provides both percussive voices as well as tonal variations. This machine is ideal for making some thick beats, low sub basses and even one-shot analog effects!

When the B-boys down the block hear this one, they’ll be doing windmills to ALL your def jams! With 16 phat analog-electro waveforms and 15 edit functions, Elektrodrum’s RETRONIK KIT is the only thing you need to keep it real in your ‘hood!

Emulating some of the early 80’s classics, the FM KIT provides a comprehensive bank of FM synthesized sounds. With a wide range of pre-programmed controls, these sounds can be fully customized to create even more Elektrodrum user kits.

Glitchy, IDM and totally tweak-able, the INGENTEK KIT spans 2 octaves of pure experimental one-shots. Unique edit functions and effects parameters deliver a huge range of sonic possibilities.

Synthetic emulations of real world percussion sounds… That’s what the GANIK KIT is all about. Taking us back to the great studio days of ’88, the GANIK KIT includes 16 awesome waveforms for instant user editing and spontaneous gratification!

Utilizing a collection of 24 bit ROM samples, Elektrodrum is a flexible workstation for creating retro drum and tonal sounds. The download includes racks for both Ableton’s Sampler and Impulse instruments.

Elektrodrum Includes:
• 5 Versatile Synth/Drum Machines for Ableton Sampler
• 5 Drum Racks for Ableton Impulse with 16 Voices Each
• Flexible Morph and Stretch Parameters
• Macro Mappings and Effects for Each Individual Voice
• 24-bit ROM Waveform Library

Puremagnetik is an online subscription sound library geared towards electronic music production and digital DJing. Each month, subscribers can download new sound content. Puremagnetik’s goal is to provide a high quality, affordable alternative within the current soundware market.

Pricing: Basic Subscription: $5.75 per month, Premium Subscription: $50 annually. More information on Puremagnetic Elektrodrum.

Author: FutureMusic

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