Klein + Hummel Announces O 300 Studio Monitor

Sennheiser’s Klein + Hummel has introduced the O 300 triamplified, 3-way, near-field studio reference monitor. According to the company, the O 300 delivers the same quality of its O 300 D minus the digital input and control hardware resulting in a cost-effective price without sonic compromise. At the same time, the effective horizontal listening area is made wider, reportedly giving the recording engineer greater freedom of movement in front of the console.

By utilizing a dense, low-resonance material called LRIM, Klein + Hummel was able to mold the waveguides required for optimal dispersion directly into the baffle. The elliptical shape of the high-frequency horn makes the dispersion angle in the vertical plane more narrow thus reducing the amount of early reflections off the console surface which would otherwise interfere with the direct sound from the speakers (comb-filter effects), thereby improving spatial definition.

More information on the Klein + Hummel O 300.

Author: FutureMusic

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