Sooloos Sound System: 3 Terabytes Of Music Storage

Sooloos, a New York concern, has introduced a new home/office/etc. sound system that has up to three terabytes of music storage and is controlled by a 17″ touch screen display.

The amazing thing about music is how it enhances our experiences, and Sooloos does that like nothing else. With Sooloos, you create the right recipe for every situation. Even with a huge music collection, you can quickly and easily get to the perfect mix ofselections for any occasion. Using Focus, you control the criteria for the music you want to hear, ensuring that you play the right song at the right time, every time.

The Sooloos system is designed with your needs in mind — whether you have a one-room apartment or a thirty-room estate, one hundred albums or ten thousand — Sooloos is tailored to meet your specific requirements. Using components from the three Sooloos product series (store, source, and control) anyone can have the ultimate music experience.

• Touch control devices provide a uniquely engaging means of interacting with your music
• Intuitive graphical interface allows for easy management of huge music libraries
• Extensive album, performer, genre and related metadata, including high resolution cover art
• Audio circuitry is based on the same designs used in professional recording studios
• Audio is losslessly encoded, ensuring bit-for-bit accuracy to the source material
• All components are fanless and use virtually no moving parts, for near-silent operation
• Expandable to allow tens of thousands of albums of CD-quality audio in up to 32 zones
• All audio storage is mirrored, ensuring zero downtime in the event of disk failure
• Using a PC, you can effortlessly transfer music from your Sooloos system to your iPod
• Control Sooloos with the most popular home control systems, including Crestron and AMX

Sooloos Store Series:
The Sooloos store series is offered in mirrored component pairs with capacities of one, two, or three terabytes (providing up to 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000 albums of storage, respectively). Additional pairs can be added at any time, to accommodate even the largest music libraries.

Sooloos Control Series:
Every Sooloos system includes a control:one, which provides master control, import, and configuration functions on its big, bright 17″ touch panel display. The control:one allows you to import CDs in minutes using the world’s most advanced error detection and correction algorithms. Add control points with additional control:ones, with the 7″ control:micro, or with the wireless 7″ control:remote.

Sooloos Source Series:
Sooloos offers source:one, source:five, and source:micro components to provide up to 32 discrete zones of audio in a variety of network and distribution configurations.

Sooloos is a boatload of money. More information on the Sooloos Sound System.

Author: FutureMusic

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