Weekend Fun: Jimmy D’z Powered Snowboard

Jim Decker has designed a motorized snowboard with a unique, precision weight balance design. The rider is propelled by the engine and track, experiencing the thrill of carving and maneuvering turns and speed in the open space.

The video of the Jimmy D’z in action looks more like he’s mowing his lawn in the snow instead of snowboarding, but who are we to criticize?

Of course, this product wouldn’t be complete without the usual disclaimers…

• do not exceed 30 degree incline
• do not take over frozen lakes
• do not operate while intoxicated (define intoxicated, please –Ed.)
• do not operate on roadways
• do not jump
• helmet and safety gear recommended

The Jimmy D’z Powered Snowboard sells for $3,550. More information on the Jimmy D’z Powered Snowboard.

Author: FutureMusic

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