Sonalksis Unleashes FreeG Utility Plug-In – For Free!

Sonalksis has announced FreeG a free plug-in that can be used for a variety of applications to increase the control and flexibility of the signal flow in the insert chain of the host. FreeG was developed after Sonalksis solicited feedback from their professional recording and production customers about what features were missing in their working environments. Once obtained, the company got to work.

To make the workflow and the overview of the signal processing easier, FreeG provides extensive, customizable metering features and settings that is “not just a meter, more than a fader.”

• The meter displays a current indication of signal level. The main display is a classic Peak-type level meter, which follows the signal in accordance with the metering type selected on the Preferences panel. The superposed red bar displays the current instantaneous signal RMS.
• Selecting ‘Pre’ switches the fader to display the pre-fader, pre-pan, pretrim input signal.
• The fader is the main plug-in control, and allows you to adjust the level of the incoming signal.
• PEAK: This box, and the red arrows on the meter, displays the current highest peak value recorded (using the metering law configured on the Preferences panel). Click boxes to reset.
• RMS: This box, and the yellow arrows on the meter, displays the current highest instantaneous RMS value recorded. Click the boxes to reset.
• The Trim dial provides a course input level adjustment. The Trim range can be configured using the preferences panel.
• The Pan dial allows a stereo signal to be panned to the left or to the right. The Pan law is configured using the preferences panel.
• The Flip Phase button inverts the phase of the signal, for mixing applications.
• The Bypass button provides a soft-bypass for the plug-in.
• The Mute button will mute the signal.
• Fine mode allows for an alternate method of fine-calibration of the fader. When the fader is set approximately, pressing ‘Fine’ will ‘zoom in’ on the fader, and offer a linear-law fader, which you can adjust with greater accuracy. The range of the Fine scale can be configured in the Preferences panel.

FreeG is available for Windows and Mac OS X (Universal Binary) in VST, AU and RTAS plug-in formats. More information on the Sonalksis FreeG.

Author: FutureMusic

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