Native Instruments Announces Massive Soft Synth

Native Instruments announced Massive, a next-generation software synthesizer with unique sonic character, outstanding audio fidelity, vast flexibility and an innovative, highly accessible interface. Based on an new high-resolution audio engine, Massive combines advanced Wave-Scanning synthesis with a wealth of sophisticated sound-shaping and modulation options, resulting in a charismatic high-end sound full of warmth, punch, character and definition. Massive is a true multi-purpose synthesizer for studio and stage that excels
at powerful lead and bass sounds, but can also deliver complex pads and deep atmospheres as well as intriguing sequences.

Massive is built from the ground up on a forward-thinking synthesis engine that makes full use of today’s advanced processor architectures. Intelligent oversampling with up to 192 kHz internal resolution guarantees pristine audio quality across the full spectrum, with exceptionally clear highs and a powerful, well-defined low end.

At the heart of Massive’s synthesis engine are three Wave-Scanning oscillators that draw on 82 high-quality multi-wavetables to provide a vast spectrum of brilliant and highly dynamic timbres. All wavetable sets have been enhanced through FFT resynthesis, which guarantees pristine oscillator sound quality, free of any aliasing artifacts that wavetable synthesis is often associated with.

A special wavetable technology with “Phase Shaping” allows for additional “Bend” and “Formant” play modes, which provide a wide range of further tonal variations in the oscillator stage. An additional modulation oscillator provides optional phase modulation, ring modulation and filter FM, while a flexible noise generator can add enharmonic tonal components. Therefore, the oscillator stage of MASSIVE alone can provide a wider range of timbres than many conventional synthesizers with their full signal path.

The powerful and highly flexible dual filter section of MASSIVE complements the oscillator stage with 11 sophisticated, analog-sounding filter models ranging from lowpass and highpass variants to the fierce “scream filter” and a versatile comb filter. As a further sound-shaping device, a unique feedback stage can be inserted at various points in the signal chain to literally supercharge the sound, creating effects from warm saturation to total destabilization and unpredictability.

MASSIVE is also equipped with an assortment of high-quality effect algorithms that have been specifically designed to complement and enhance the sound-shaping capabilities of the instrument. Two insert effect sections can be inserted independently at various stages in the signal path to provide drastic treatments like Sample&Hold, Frequency Shifting, and Shapers, while dual master effect sections provide a wider selection of algorithms ranging from modulation and delay effects to equalizing and various flavours of saturation and overdrive.

The modulation capabilities draw on four freely assignable ADSR envelopes with loop and morph features, and four additional custom modulators that can be individually set to act as LFO, “Performer” envelope or “Stepper” envelope. An additional “Macro Control” section provides eight multi-assignable meta controls that can also be mapped to any hardware controller, including the KORE controller.

Massive includes 420 preset sounds that effectively showcase the sonic potential of the instrument, and provide a valuable tonal arsenal for
various styles of electronic music. MASSIVE also includes a powerful sound browser with advanced categorization and search features. All presets are stored in KoreSound format, which makes them fully compatible with KORE, Native Instruments’ software instrument host system.

Massive will be available in October 2006 for a suggested retail price of $339 / €299 Euro authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop. More information on Native Instruments Massive.

Author: FutureMusic

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