Blue Cat Audio Releases Chorus & Stereo Chorus 3

Blue Cat Audio has released a new version of its freeware Chorus and Stereo Chorus DirectX and VST plug-ins.

The Chorus effect was originally designed to simulate several voices: just as if several persons were playing together the same notes but with a variable delay between them. This is the effect you get with Blue Cat’s Chorus when setting the rate parameter to a small value. But this plug-in also enables you to drastically change your sound and produce strange pitch modulation or crazy ‘bubbles’ effects. Just check the factory presets to get convinced by the quality and versatility of Blue Cat’s Chorus.

Chorus Features:
• Single voice chorus effect
• Real time MIDI control with advanced settings (MIDI channel and CC numbers, with complete response curve control) and MIDI learn
• Native DSP code for optimal performance
• Skinnable user interface
• DirectX and VST plug-in formats support
• Smooth Update: silent (zipper-free) parameters update
• Full automation support (all parameters can be automated, with smooth and continuous update)
• Any sample rate supported

Based on Blue Cat’s Chorus technology, Blue Cat’s Stereo Chorus has the same versatility and crystal-clear sounding capabilities as its little brother, plus a subtle to very deep stereo effect feature: just play with the ‘stereo’ control and get this famous widening stereo chorus effect. You will feel like the sound is turning around your head.

Main changes in Version 3.0:
• Advanced MIDI control with customizable parameters curve response and MIDI learn
• Blue Cat’s Skinning Language V1.2.1 support
• Now supports one skin per preset and a global default skin: customize each instance of the plug-in in the same session
• All parameters can now be fine tuned thanks to a text-edit popup window that appears when double clicking on user interface widgets

Blue Cat Audio Chorus & Stereo Chorus 3 are Free for Windows XP ( Windows-VST / Windows-DirectX 8 ). More information on Blue Cat Audio Chorus & Stereo Chorus 3

Author: FutureMusic

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