AOL launches AOL Music Now Online Store

America Online has launched AOL Music Now, a digital music subscription service offering unlimited on-demand streams and downloads of more than 2.5 million audio tracks and thousands of music videos. Unlike other pay per download services, AOL Music Now lets users play as many songs and music videos as they want, in their entirety and on-demand. As long as they maintain a portable tier subscription, users can access music and videos they have transferred from AOL Music Now to their PCs and compatible portable devices.

The new service also features AOL Music programmed AOL Radio with XM offering more than 200 AOL Radio stations plus select premier XM Satellite Radio channels, the leader in satellite-delivered entertainment. Additionally, AOL is introducing powerful community and personalization capabilities that make it easy for users to discover and listen to music that is right for them.

AOL Music Now is the first and only online music service to offer unlimited music video playback and download rolled into the subscription service so that users don’t have to pay for every download. Music videos are also available for a la carte purchase to subscribers and non-subscribers alike. AOL Music Now has a library of more than 2.5 million songs from all four major music labels and hundreds of independents. In addition, AOL has agreements with several labels, including Sony/BMG, to provide thousands of music videos for use in the AOL Music Now service.

The service requires no software to download and is available at via a web-browser from any Internet-connected PC. In addition, the service works seamlessly with Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 and Winamp 5.2.3 and above. Visitors have the option to browse and purchase songs and music videos on an a la carte ($.99 per track, $1.99 per video) or subscription basis from any Internet-connected PC. Subscriptions to the service are available for $4.95 per month for AOL Radio with XM, $9.95 per month for unlimited, on-demand streaming and downloading to a computer, and $14.95 per month to download unlimited songs and music videos to PlaysForSure compatible music devices.

The AOL Music Now service also offers unique personalization features, such as daily custom playlists and the ability to view and share music profiles with other visitors. User listening activity and ratings are used to provide each member with custom music recommendations and hours of fresh tunes updated daily. Members have personalized home pages and can search for and view the music profiles of other members to discover new music and share playlists. A Community area featuring the hottest member playlists and biggest fans for each genre or style will help fans find music through people with similar tastes.

Visitors without a subscription can personalize, create and share playlists and purchase music. Non-subscription visitors can listen to song samples until they decide to purchase songs a la carte or subscribe for on-demand playback of full-length songs, downloads and portability to a device.

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