RIAA Defendant, Deborah Foster, Wants Payback

Former RIAA defendant, Deborah Foster, is continuing her quest for an award of attorney’s fees, a development that will have major implications for the music trade organization if she succeeds. Deborah Foster was mistakenly targeted by the RIAA for uploading several copyrighted music files, though the case was later dropped and shifted to Deborah’s daughter Amanda, the actual infringer. Deborah was the owner of the broadband connection in question, though the RIAA withdrew their case.

Foster’s attorney recently filed paperwork asking for an award of approximately $50,000, based on previously billed hours. If the amount is granted, the RIAA could face similar actions from other defendants. Meanwhile, the case has drawn the attention of several leading organizations, including the ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the American Association of Law Libraries, who collectively filed an amicus curiae brief in favor of Deborah.

Author: FutureMusic

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