Steinberg Reveals WaveLab Studio 6

Steinberg has announced WaveLab Studio 6, a new streamlined version of its industry standard WaveLab 6 audio editing and mastering application. Tailored for project studios and professional musicians, WaveLab Studio 6 offers comprehensive stereo and multi-track editing and CD burning features for only $399.

WaveLab Studio 6 combines state-of-the-art audio technology from the award-winning WaveLab 6 with a streamlined workflow and a full complement of editing and mastering features targeted at project studios and aspiring musicians. It includes the same sample accurate 32-bit audio engine and a wide range of advanced tools with the pristine audio quality originally engineered for top mastering and editing professionals in WaveLab 6. The Studio version provides many of its next-generation features and capabilities to make it one of the world’s best editing and mastering solutions in its price range.

• Sample accurate audio editor with audio processing at up to 192 kHz and 32 bit floating point resolution
• Stereo and multi-channel non-destructive editing with versatile clip grouping over multiple lanes
• Video track for sample accurate alignment of audio and video
• Powerful real-time engine with integration of clip-based, track-based and global effect plug-ins
• Superior audio processors including DIRAC time stretch and pitch shift algorithms
• State-of-the-art audio plug-ins for EQ, Resampling, Declicking, Denoising and many more
• Redbook compatible PQ editing including Audio-in-Pause, CD-Text and track sheet export
• Extended audio file handling and manipulation system including files sizes > 2 GB
• Sonogram-style Spectrum View for quick overview of the frequency structure of the audio file with simultaneous aligned use of Wave- and Spectrum View
• Extremely versatile batch processing and scripting features

With its full complement of editing and mastering features, WaveLab Studio 6 provides a first class audio editing toolbox. It includes a range of tools familiar to audio and mastering professionals from WaveLab 6, including the Audio Montage editing environment with its stereo and multi-channel non-destructive editing functions. WaveLab Studio 6 also features the same sample accurate 32-bit audio engine as well as the support for a huge range of audio formats and sample rates. The real-time audio engine also allows clip-based, track-based and global use of effect plug-ins, such as the range of top quality processing and restoration plug-ins included.

WaveLab Studio 6 also offers a plethora of analysis tools including a range of resizable displays including Spectrum Window, FFT metering, oscilloscope, phase and 3D frequency view. The extensive batch processing and scripting features handle repetitive, arduous tasks while the Red Book CD burning engine creates flawless masters, archive copies and CD ROMs, including DVD ROM burning.

WaveLab Studio 6 will be available in the Fall of 2006 for $399.99 MSRP. More information on Steinberg WaveLab Studio 6

Author: FutureMusic

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