Source Audio Announces HotHand Phaser/Flanger

The Source Audio Hot Hand Motion Controlled Phaser/Flanger is the second unit in the unique Hot Hand Motion Controlled effects line. It features 7 phaser and 7 flanger effects that can be controlled in a variety of ways. Users can select 4 modulation sources: Hot Hand Motion Sensor control, low frequency oscillator (LFO), sequencer, or envelope follower. Control the modulation in real time with subtle motions of your hand or just play normally and let the LFO, sequencer, or envelope follower drive the sound.

• 14 effect types including 7 phasers and 7 flangers.
• 4 selectable modulation sources: Hot Hand, LFO, Envelope, and Sequencer.
• 4 easy to store and easy to recall presets for saving user settings.
• Phaser controls include Depth and Frequency.
• Flanger controls include Depth and Delay Time.
• Motion/Speed knob controls speed sensitivity of the motion sensor in Hot Hand mode. Alternatively, it controls the LFO and sequencer speed, or the speed of the envelope follower.
• Active Analog Bypass provides full analog routing during bypass and prevents signal degradation in long effects chains.
• Simple user interface; sleek design; rugged construction.
• 24 bit A/D-D/A converters and 56-bit processing ensure low noise and professional quality sound.
• Expression Input for controlling the effect or LFO speed with an expression pedal.
• Expression Output for sending Hot Hand control signals to an external effects box or keyboard.
• Full signal range allows use with keyboards, bass, etc.
• 5 ring sizes included.
• Compatible with the Hot Hand wireless adapter.
• Sensor Output allows daisy chaining of multiple Hot Hand devices.

Available in late summer 2006. No Pricing has been announced. More information on the Hot Hand Phaser/Flanger

Author: FutureMusic

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