ModernBeats Releases Urban Percussion Loops has just released the new Urban Percussion loop library for all major music software and hardware samplers.

Featuring a plethora of percussive landscapes, the ‘Urban Percussion Loopz’ library includes a total of 200 percussion ensemble loops. The library saves musicians on production time, prodiving the ability to create complete drum productions within minutes simply by layering one’s own “kick and snare” drum patterns over the pre-mixed percussive rhythms. The unique percussion-only rhythms in the ‘Urban Percussion Loopz’ library inspire users to create new styles of drum productions never heard before.

Designed for ease-of-use, ‘Urban Percussion Loopz’ is organized into 4 popular hip hop industry tempos: 87bpm, 92bpm, 97bpm, and 102bpm. Each of the tempo groups contain 25 original percussive themes including 2 variation loops within each theme: “Main” loop and “Fill” loop. With the 2 variations for each 100 loop themes included, users can effortlessly create longer, evolving phrases while avoiding monotonous, overly repetitive compositions. The loop library works seamlessly in combination with all other ModernBeats’ loopsets, utilizing same group and tempo layouts. This allows users to build full productions within minutes by mix-matching and layering loops from each series together.

‘Urban Percussion Loopz’ features a variety of world & ethnic instruments including the agogo bell, berimbau, cabasa, cajon, chaker, chime, congas, cowbell, clave, djembe, doumbek, gankogui, guiro, nubell tree, pandeiro,
rainstick, sleigh bell, talking drum, timbale, tombek, triangle, & the udu.

The ‘Urban Percussion Loopz’ library is offered on CD-ROM or as a Download. Prices start at just $34.95. Universal Format Compatibility: Sample Accurate Acidized WAV, Stereo. More information on Modern Beat’s Urban Percussion

Author: FutureMusic

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