CharterOak Announces New E700 Mic

CharterOak Acoustic Devices announced today they would introduce their new E700 solid-state condenser microphone at the upcoming Paris AES show (AES Booth #1314).

The E700 quickly gained attention in the US after its debut at the 2005 US AES show in New York. Dealers began shipping the E700 model last November. The affordable E700 maintains the build quality and distinctive sound for which all CharterOak models are known. The E700 microphone ships in a classy flight case complete with shock mount and the standard CharterOak Lifetime Warranty.

The CharterOak E700 is a hand assembled, dual diaphragm solid-state condenser microphone, which employs pure class A head amp electronics and CharterOak’s S4 capsule type, consisting of two 1.22″ gold sputtered Mylar diaphragms. While this microphone is excellent for universal recording applications, its rich sound and extremely low noise floor make it a particularly excellent choice in the broadcast and voice over environments. The E700 offers three selectable polar patterns and a two-step attenuation switch offering 9610 and 9620 dB pads. The E700 provides clear and detailed highs and smooth low-end characteristics.

Visitors of AES will have the opportunity to view & audition CharterOak microphones on site to experience first hand, the quality hand-assembled and ear tested microphones. At the show will be the SA538 side address dual diaphragm vacuum tube condenser microphone, which employs the center terminated S-1 capsule type; the SA538B, a side address dual diaphragm vacuum tube condenser microphone, which employs the side terminated S-2 capsule type; the S600 front address vacuum tube condenser sold in sequentially numbered pairs which employ the S-3 capsule type, and CharterOak’s first solid-state condenser microphone, the E700.

The E700 sells for under $1000. For more information hit:

Author: FutureMusic

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