Integral Sound Fails To Impress

Many manufacturers use the Winter Music Conference, which takes place every March in Miami, to showcase their latest offerings to the dance music community. Get a buzz going in Miami and that electricity can send sparks around the globe.

Integral Sound, yet another incarnation of the Steve Dash sound system juggernaut, this time with Mike Bindra of Twilo and Made fame thrown in for some sales flavor, brought in their own newly minted version to impress at the WMC. Unfortunately it didn’t…
The poorly tuned system had Dash’s trademark ultra clean, non-fatiguing sound signature, but at the expense of high-end sparkle and low end punch. The bass was rolled off way too early to put the fear in your nether regions and the high end was squashed leaving high-hat patterns and flaccid.

With banners hanging from every rafter at the Pawn Shop, Integral was ready to start taking deposits from club owners and begin moving product. Too bad their system couldn’t move air. Dash and company may be able to leverage his name for some advanced orders, but if anyone bases the decision on the Pawn’s system, they should get out of the business. Integral’s set up at Pawn was one step forward, two steps back for the company.

The Future: Wow. Talk about a let down. Integral’s system was just plain hurting. All the positive quotes from Paul Van Dyk and others obviously came at Bindra’s prodding. Dash is a genius, but he faxed in this appearance. Time to go back to the drawing board.

Author: FutureMusic

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