FutureMusic is not just about the online music magazine that you know and love, we have expanded into music manufacturer consulting, multimedia development, creation of custom branded music compilations, retail music programs, as well as music and sound production.


FutureMusic offers an array of confidential music manufacturer consulting options from product development to alpha testing, marketing, event promotion, and sophisticated online viral campaigns.

Multimedia Development

FutureMusic’s multimedia division, Media-Star, is a multimedia marketing and branding company located in New York. Media-Star specializes in providing world-class multimedia services to companies who want to take advantage of the latest digital technology in order to present their target market with a memorable and rewarding experience.
Anyone can create a website, but Media-Star takes multimedia development to the next level by evaluating your company’s core strategy and creating a comprehensive needs analysis that specifically addresses your marketing goals and objectives. The needs analysis gives Media-Star a complete understanding of your business so that we can leverage your competitive advantages into the far-reaching world of digital media.
The end result is multimedia that not only delivers a immersive and unforgettable brand experience, but also makes your company more profitable by allowing qualified customers to find your website based on your core competencies.

What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

In today’s world of multimedia marketing, it’s imperative to stand out in the crowded landscape. FutureMusic can develop a comprehensive audio branding strategy for your concern, and create all the sonic assets needed to make your company come to life. Our services include…

Sonic Branding:
I’m sure you know what your company’s logo looks like, but what does your company sound like? Don’t think it’s important? I bet you know what Intel’s brand sounds like… T-Mobile’s? Playstation’s? Do you think audio logos are only for big corporations? Think again. A distinctive sonic identity can go a long way to differentiate your company from your competitors. Sonic branding development includes:
» Audio Logos
» Sound Signatures – Melodies
» Original Company Songs
» On Hold Music and Sound Design
» Custom Branded Ringtones

Retail Music Programs:
A recent study by the Journal of Marketing found that music can increase gross sales by as much as 38% in a retail environment. That’s a huge impact. But did you know that music also plays an important role with your employees? The right blend of music fosters a postive work place and increases productivity according to several studies. With this data, can your business afford not to incorporate a Music For Retail initiative? FutureMusic’s music programs include:
» Retail, Restaurant, Lounge Music programming
» Environmental Sound Design
» Branded Podcasts

Custom Branded Music Compilations:
Branded music compilations position your company in an emotive atmosphere for enhanced customer interaction that goes far beyond a trip to your store, or browsing through your catalog. Our hand-selected on-brand music is seamlessly mixed to convey flow and continuity, while subtly reinforcing your brand’s message. A FutureMusic custom compilation provides your customers with a memorable brand interaction that rewards over and over.
But its not simply about putting together twelve or so songs on a CD. FutureMusic develops an in-depth plan with your marketing team by evaluating your company’s “personality” and then choosing dynamic and compelling music for our vast catalog of cutting-edge electronic musicians. Custom Branded Music development includes:
» Music Selection
» Music Licensing
» Package Design
» Manufacturing
» Distribution

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