Grace Announces GDI-IR2550p – Tabletop Internet Radio

Grace Digital Audio has announced the GDI-IR2550p (sexy name, right? —Ed.), a new, tabletop Internet radio featuring Pandora. The GDI-IR255034929723q88483921p is the first and only tabletop radio that incorporates the same features that Pandora listeners use on computers and smart phones, including 1-button access to the thumbs up/down song selection and play/pause functions. Listeners can also skip, play, pause, and bookmark...

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Man-Up Your Beach Radio With The Bosch Power Box 360

Don’t want sand kicked in your face this summer? Then the Bosch Power Box 360 radio may be the Hulk Inflato-Muscle Radio solution. Simply plop this puppy next to your towel, flip the switch and immerse yourself in 360 degree sounds of manhood. The rugged Power Box 360’s aluminum and rubber roll cage protects it from “unscheduled dismounts,” out of control Baywatch ATVs and other assorted mayhem. It features...

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