Native Instruments Distributes Stems Software Developer Kit

Native Instruments is now distributing the Stems Software Developer Kit (SDK) for software and hardware developers on their new dedicated Stems website. Developers can now get full access to specifications, the DSP library, and code examples including a command-line version of the Stem Creator, a free application for Stem file creation. NI’s Stems Software Developer Kit (SDK) is free to download.
NativeInstruments Stems SDK Download
With the arrival of the SDK, Stems can now be freely integrated into music production/performance tools or media players, signaling yet another milestone for the dynamic multi-track format. The available compressor and limiter components ensure that the four separate parts of a Stem file sound nearly indistinguishable from the original stereo master when heard individually or played together.

Accompanying the SDK release, three new videos providing some key guidelines on mastering Stems. The videos feature mastering engineer Kevin Grainger and his team at Wired Masters, in London, and provide both a simplified overview and in-depth breakdowns of the mixdown and mastering process for Stems.



The Native Instruments Stems Software Developer Kit (SDK) and Stem Creator are available as a free download.
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