Music IO App Updated To Version 1.3 – Now With Bidirectional Audio

The Music IO iOS app has been updated to version 1.3, offering low-latency, bidirectional audio and near-zero latency MIDI over USB. Also available is a free MIDI-only version of the App for a limited time.
MusicIO 1.3 iOS App
Over the past few years, iOS devices have made great strides forward in music-making. There is an abundance of innovative synthesizers, sequencers, and MIDI controllers, easily available to a wide audience. A continual challenge, however, has been the limited connectivity of iOS devices to traditional desktop recording environments. High quality audio connections required additional hardware purchases and non-trivial configuration steps. MIDI connections using WiFi or Bluetooth encountered significant latency, while hardware MIDI adapters were relatively expensive. Music IO has addressed these problems, by providing high speed, low latency connections for both audio and MIDI, using only an ordinary USB sync cable.
MusicIO 1.3 Ableton Live Integration


» Low latency audio (4 separate stereo channel slots) from iOS to Mac, with crystal-clear 32-bit resolution.
» Native support for IAA allows for the best possible audio quality, and seamless integration with iOS synthesizers and effects apps
» Connect your AU/VST DAW with complementary free plug-ins
» Send & Receive MIDI between any CoreMIDI apps over a normal USB sync cable (Lightning or 30-pin) with no perceptible latency nor jitter
» Large sysex messages (eg. bulk dumps) handled seamlessly
» Choose “send to” ports (OSX and iOS)
» Choose “receive from” (OSX): route MIDI from anywhere to your iOS device
» BridgeClock, a ground-breaking inter-device MIDI-clock-synchronization technology, provides jitter-free sync between platforms
» Runs on iOS 7 or better (10.7+ on OSX)

Version 1.3 Enhancements

» Low-latency, bidirectional audio
» Audio Effects Loops: 4 stereo tracks of simultaneous bidirectional audio. Musicians can insert IAA (Inter-App Audio) compatible instruments and effects running on their iOS device into their Mac DAW:
— A Music IO Audio Units or VST plug-in is placed into a track, aux or bus to receive audio
— Captured audio is sent over USB to the iOS device on one of 4 tracks
— Audio is passed through the effect for that track (mixed with up to 4 IAA instruments)
— Audio is returned back through USB to the sending plugin in the DAW
» Automatic Sample Rate Conversion: Some users run their DAW at 48Khz (for film), others at 88.1Khz or 96Khz. Music IO now handles the sample rate conversion transparently
» The software has been optimized to achieve even lower latency, and reduced audio glitches in complex situations
» User Interface tweaks

Music IO uses Apple’s Inter-App Audio framework for low latency, high quality audio transfer on the iOS device. This audio is transferred to the Mac in a 32-bit uncompressed form, and can be recorded directly into professional DAWs. Bidirectional MIDI, based on the high-performance MidiBus library, completes the package. All the features professional musicians would expect are integrated seamlessly.

A distinctive aspect of Music IO is the tight integration with VST and AU plug-ins. Most DAWs have limited support for multiple audio interfaces. To bring in multiple inputs, setting up aggregate audio devices is normally required — and this is error prone and complicated. The plug-in approach adopted by Music IO allows a user to transfer audio from an iOS device directly into a DAW track; aggregate audio devices are not required. This approach also makes it easy for a user to send the audio from any track to an iOS device for processing.

Music IO is a joint effort by three established iOS music app developers; Audeonic Apps is well known for the pioneering MidiBridge and MidiBus tools, Confusion Studios is the developer of the industry leading MIDI Designer Pro app, and Secret Base Design has produced the Apollo series of apps that offer MIDI over Bluetooth LE, and audio over WiFi connections. Through collaboration, the three developers have created a robust, professional, integrated solution, which will revolutionize how musicians use iOS devices in their work.

Music IO 1.30 will be available tomorrow for $9.99. The MIDI-only version will be available for free (for a limited time). Both apps require iOS 7 or better for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The Mac server requires OSX 10.7 or better.

Music IO

Author: FutureMusic

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