Mackie Revamps ProFXv2 Series Professional Effects Mixers

Mackie has unveiled their new ProFXv2 Series Professional Effects Mixers. The redesigned ProFXv2 series features an all-new VITA preamp design and a new effects engine. The series has been expanded with two new models, the 4-channel ProFX4v2 and the 30-channel ProFX30v2.
Designed specifically for live sound, Vita preamps are low noise, and feature a discrete Class-A front end design, dual feedback stabilization and bias current optimization for low-noise performance. The all-new ReadyFX effects engine employs 16 floating-point DSP audio effects, designed specifically for processing of high-quality audio.
Each ProFXv2 model is a well-stocked audio toolkit. From critical tools like multi-band GEQ to smart features like channel inserts and footswitchable FX mutes. The larger ProFX16v2, ProFX22v2 and ProFX30v2 even feature dedicated inline channel compression on key channels. ProFXv2 mixers (ProFX4v2 excluded) features a built-in USB interface for easily recording your mix or for music playback during the show. Also included with each model is Mackie’s Tracktion recording software.


Author: FutureMusic

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