Confusion Studios Releases MIDI Designer Manual & Reboots MIDI Designer 12

Confusions Studios, the developer behind the popular MIDI Designer App, has released MIDI Designer Manual, a detailed, user-friendly instructional companion to controller design on the app for iOS musicians.

Now up to version 1.7, MIDI Designer has grown in complexity and features, and the lack of a manual has been an obvious hole in the product’s ecosystem. Thus Commander-In-Chief, Dan Rosenstark, got to work on creating a much needed manual.

Available immediately for users around the known galaxy, the MIDI Designer Reference Manual is a single source of information about the app, with 16 chapters and 120 pages cover all MIDI Designer topics, from basic to advanced. Existing users will be able to review basic functionality, discover and understand advanced features, while new users will be able to learn about MD workflow, depth and coverage before even creating their first layout. Thanks to the DokuWiki platform, the Manual allows for discussions and users to participate in editing the manual.

In celebration of the Manual, MIDI Designer 12 – a control-limited version of MD Pro – will be available for free, a significant saving from $999 retail price.

Released by Confusion Studios LLC in 2012, MIDI Designer boasts a large community of users creating and sharing MD layouts for MIDI targets from well-known manufacturers and software houses. More recently, MD has made inroads into television and film, in both lighting design and camera control. MD is also being used by VJs and robotics experts.

The Manual is available for immediate study and download by chapter. MIDI Designer 12 will be available for free starting on April 12, 2015.

MIDI Designer Manual

Author: FutureMusic

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