K-Devices Releases Holder & Alter Echo Max For Live Devices

K-Devices has released two new Max For Live devices, Holder and Alter Echo. Holder is a spectral freezer that Holder grabs short slices of sound and then transforms them in sustained tones, according to different reading modes, and advanced effects of exclusive dronizer panel. It creates beautiful drones, but it may be even used as a reverb, as a live counterpoints producer, and to enrich grooves with rhythm- based madness.
K-Devices-AlterEcho Max For Live
Alter Echo is a creative delay effect with exclusive parameters, including What and When step sequencers, innovative Texturize section, and the included Side-Chain Compressor. In Alter Echo, signal is sent to the delay circuit via the what sequencer. This tool allows you to choose exactly what part of the incoming audio you want to delay, managing its amplitude, also with fade in and fade out. This works from simple contents up to very rich and intricate configurations: you get up to 16 steps, accurate shape editing tools for each step, all time configurations you desire.


Author: FutureMusic

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