Arturia Debuts BeatStep Pro – Controller & Step Sequencer

Arturia has launched BeatStep Pro, a new controller and dynamic performance step sequencer, designed to professionally perform onstage or in the studio with full MIDI, USB, CV/Gate, and DIN Sync connectivity.
BeatStep Pro has been designed from the ground up to provide a hands-on hardware sequencing experience with 16 touch-sensitive knobs for entering of pitch, gate, velocity amounts, and timing shifts per step. It includes two independent (color-coded) monophonic step sequencers, each with dedicated displays to show the current playback position and bank length of the currently selected sequence. SEQUENCER 1 and SEQUENCER 2 have been greatly expanded with up to 64 steps per sequence, 16 sequences per project, and 16 projects. Moreover, each sequencer has its own 1V/Oct CV (Control Voltage) and (10V) GATE outputs to connect to suitably-equipped analog monosynths, such as Arturia’s MicroBrute (winner of FutureMusic’s 2014 Gear Of The Year Award in the sub $1000 category), together with a separate VELO (Velocity) output to allow for even more possibilities when working with a modular synth system setup.

» Two monophonic step sequencers
— Up to 64 steps per sequence
— Note, velocity and gate time settings per step
— Note tie
» 16-track drum sequencer (one track per pad)
— MIDI controller mode
— Fully customizable for knobs, step buttons and velocity and pressure sensitive pads
— Send MIDI CC, note data, program changes
» 16 Projects, each with 16×2 sequences, 16 drum sequences and a controller map.
» Performance controls
» Randomizer with Amount and Probability settings
» Real-time looper/roller touch strip
» Independent swing amount per sequence
» Touch sensitive knobs
» Tap Tempo
» Connectivity
— CV/GATE outputs (1 volt per octave CV, 10 volt gates)
— 8 drum gate outputs
— Clock sync with multiple standards
— MIDI In/Out with supplied MIDI adaptors
— USB class compliant
» Kensington lock
An additional DRUM sequencer allows for 16 separate tracks of sequencing. Record in quantized realtime via the 16 pressure sensitive pads or use the 16 step buttons for a classic drum machine workflow. Speaking of which, when working in SEQ1 and SEQ2 mode those pads can control pitch transposition as well as accessing various musical scales — such as Chromatic, Major, Minor, Dorian, Mixolydian, Harm Minor, Blues, and also a User setting — while the DRUM sequencer itself also has eight DRUM GATES at its disposal (to send gate outputs from the corresponding pads for triggering external devices).

BeatStep Pro is also a controller, of course. Switching from PROJECT to CONTROL MODE means users can trigger clips in their favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), play drum sounds from an external module, or adjust parameters in their favorite plug-in. BeatStep Pro also features an arsenal of performance effects such as a realtime ROLLER/LOOPER touch strip; PROBABILITY, RANDOMNESS, and SWING settings.

The Future: Arturia has just been on a tear as of late! A full pipeline of savvy, innovative hardware products that address market needs a with fresh and inventive approach makes us only want to ask one question: What’s Next?

Arturia’s Beatstep Pro costs $299 / €249 and will be available sometime this spring.


Author: FutureMusic

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