Korg Debuts MS-20 Kit

Korg has debuted the MS-20 Kit, a tabletop version of their MS-20 mini analog synthesizer with expanded synthesis capabilities in a package that allows users to assemble the synth themselves.
korg ms20 kit
Limited to a run of 1,000 units worldwide, each MS-20M Kit will come bundled with an SQ-1 sequencer featuring dual CV (Hz/V and V/Oct) trigger and gate, Audio Sync (to sync the Volca series, new Electribes, and/or the Monotribe), three-pin and USB MIDI. This will enable users to integrate any other CV-equipped analog product to be fully integrated into a digital/analog hybrid production setup. The MS-20 kit features all the synthesis power of the MS-20 plus new oscillator sync and FM modes, a filter select switch (to jump between the original and later production filters from the original MS-20), and a comprehensive junction section for integration with SQ-1 and other CV-equipped analog components.

Korg claims that the classic MS-20 analog synthesizer which first appeared in 1978 has been reborn as a perfect reproduction of the original circuit, first in 2013 as the compact-sized MS-20 mini, and now in 2014 as the MS-20 Kit that you can assemble yourself. The MS-20 Mini and the Kit were designed by the engineers who developed the original MS-20. At its introduction, the designers of the MS-20 wanted to create an interesting product quickly, but the designers felt there were actually a few things left undone. Now, after 37 years, the user-assembled MS-20M Kit has been completed. The MS-20M Kit is based on the MS-20 with additional improvements; it’s an analog synthesizer module where you can choose your preferences and assemble yourself. In addition to greatly enhanced synthesis possibilities provided by oscillator sync, FM, two filters (pre and post), and PWM, there are jacks such as a CV IN that supports both Hz/V and V/Oct, making it work with other equipment.

No pricing or availability has been announced.


Author: FutureMusic

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