G-Sonique Audio Release Control Console AC1

G-Sonique Audio have released Control Console AC1, some sort of “Finalizer” type plug-in for PC. It’s hard to understand precisely what the AC1 can accomplish from the abysmal product description. (Hey G-Sonique, you spent all this time developing the AC1, why not spend a few extra dollars on a proper press release? —Ed.)

» Bass, Mid, Treble filter for analyzing individual frequency bands, with possibility to set frequency ranges, with buttons for fast results
» Mid (mono) button to – hear mono part of your mix in both channels
» Side (stereo) button to – hear stereo part of your mix in both channels
» Left and Right button to – hear individual left or right channel
» Left and Right phase invert/rotation button to – hear phase rotated left or right channel
» Transient button – to hear dynamic range of your mix, and to hear transients/peaks of signal with knob allowing to set controlled dynamic range, as well as speed response switch detecting slow or fast peaks/transients.
» All buttons can be used in various combinations to control different parts of recording. (no idea what this means)
» Linear FFT Display to view frequency spectrum of your mix

We like helping out the smaller manufacturers with some exposure, but proceed at your own risk.

G-Sonique’s AC1 costs €22 if you want to roll the dice on this one…and is available now.


Author: FutureMusic

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