Propellerhead Updates Reason To 8.1 Adding Collaboration Tools Take & Discover

Propellerhead has updated Reason to version 8.1 and debuts Take, an iOS app for collaboration. The idea is to open tracks started in the Figure or Take apps and then import them into Reason. Use the built in share in Reason 8.1 to simply pass your music on to your own devices, your friends or the world.
Propellerhead Take
The free music collaboration service connects the Reason digital audio workstation with the Figure and Take mobile apps to make it easy to exchange music pieces. Propellerhead is also introducing Discover, community-made music ready for you to use, build on, remix and sample in your own creations.

“Our mission has always been about realizing musical dreams, and this is the next step,” said Ernst Nathorst-Böös, Propellerhead CEO. “Unlike other music-making services we’re not building this exclusively for producers. If you love to sing or play guitar, the Propellerhead community creates inspiring music pieces for you to record on. If producing is your passion, there are amazing pieces out there to pick up and build on, sample or remix. We’re launching in beta so you can try it out today and tell us how we can make it perfect for you.”

» Move musical ideas between mobile apps and Reason—invite Take users to sing on a Figure beat, or finish a Take song with Reason’s full suite of instruments and effects
» Share music publicly, unlisted to your friends, or to your social network of choice
» Find inspiration in Discover, Propellerhead’s curated, community made music pieces, all ready and available for use in your creations

“What we launch today is a beta,” continues Nathorst-Böös, “meaning it’s far from finished. We have a lot of things planned. What you can see today is a glimpse of the future, an open internet music creation network letting anyone take part in music making, right as it happens. Our new service is a place where you can create from scratch or find building blocks, where you can discover tracks to remix or sample. ”

Propellerhead’s Take iOS app is free and available now; Figure costs $0.99 / €0.79 and is available now from iTunes. Reason 8.1 is available as a free update for Propellerhead Reason 8 owners. Reason 8.1 will set you back $449 / €405.

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Author: FutureMusic

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