Auro-3D New Surround Sound Technology Looking To Make Inroads In Music Industry

Auro-3D, a fascinating surround sound technology and company from Belgium, has been looking to make inroads in the music industry with their “immersive” 3D sound concept. Instead of presenting surround sound on a plane, like 5.1, 7.1 and so on…Auro-3D presents its technology in layers for a more natural sonic environment.
The company has already worked with Tiesto and others to implement their technology into music recording, but playback has always been an issue due to the need to have speakers placed in specific locations to achieve the effect. Here’s how Auro-3D describes the concept:

Auro-3D features the critical component in the accurate playback of native 3D audio content – HEIGHT – by using a speaker layout that constructs three vertical layers around the listener. This advanced configuration is capable of reproducing highly accurate, native 3D audio for a superior immersive experience. The subconscious mind is highly sensitive to sound origins and character. So, we expect a high degree of auditory coherence between sounds in order to register them as genuine. Since we instinctively sense when sound information is inauthentic, recorded audio only sounds ‘life-like’ to the human ear when it maintains a full, natural consistency. True immersion is achieved when audiences are offered nothing less than a natural auditory spread.

Soundworks recently interviewed Wilfried Van Baelen about the genesis of Auro-3D and what’s next…


Author: FutureMusic

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