Waves Releases Codex Wavetable Synth

Waves has released Codex, a polyphonic synthesizer based on an advanced granular wavetable engine. Designed to create sounds that range from warm acoustic and analog emulations to completely new, never-before-heard intricate and evolving textures, Codex’s sound design capabilities put infinite possibilities at your fingertips.
Powered by Waves Virtual Voltage technology, the Codex synth comes with hundreds of original sound presets, but also lets you import your own audio files, turn them into wavetables and manipulate them as you like. Thanks to its advanced formant control technology, Codex maintains consistent resonance character that is true to the original signal and gives you direct control over the acoustic resonance of the sound. Codex also uses a high-resolution FFT-based automatic interpolation technology that results in smooth morphing as you sweep through wavetables.

The original design of Codex’s oscillators, combined with the dynamic visual display of the synth’s waveforms, allows you to create complex sounds with simple settings. Combining analog subtractive synthesis components with an intuitive layout, Codex lets you easily customize existing presets or build custom patches from the ground up.

» Cutting-edge polyphonic wavetable synthesizer
» Innovative oscillators with progressive wavetable scanning capabilities
» Advanced and comprehensive Modulation Matrix
» Formant control – direct control over the acoustic resonance of the sound
» Wavetable (sample) importing
» User-replaceable wavetables
» Arpeggiator/16-step sequencer
» Integrated chorus, delay, reverb, distortion and bit crusher effects
» Visual dynamic waveforms
» Plug-in and standalone instrument

Waves’ Codex costs $200 and is available now for Mac & PC.


Author: FutureMusic

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