Quotes: Miguel Migs

What’s your take on the march of technology within music?

Miguel Migs: “I have an old school approach. Not so long ago I was still using a Mac G4 with an old version of Logic and my friends were laughing at me. But that set-up was stable, it didn’t crash and it allowed me to focus on the actual music and being creative rather than constant updating and troubleshooting. I’ve updated my equipment since then and it’s great; in terms of uploading and moving things around, it’s amazing how much quicker I can do things. But I still enjoy the less is more approach. For me, it’s not about having loads of fancy gear at my disposal, or even the older equipment. It’s about doing the absolute best with what you have at hand. I find it hard to relate to technology in some ways. I got into music because I loved it and because I loved the way it moved people. Those feelings have to come first; as long as technology supports those aims and helps us be creative then it’s OK.”

Author: FutureMusic

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