Roland Updates Aira Line & Debuts System-1 SH-101 Plug-Out

Roland has updated the AIRA family of reboots providing new features that they claim were requested by users. The AIRA update includes enhancements such as backup and restore facilities, and better overall MIDI management. It also provides product-specific enhancements, such as external MIDI pitch control for VT-3, tuning control for TB-3, and instrument gain control for TR-8.


Roland also debuted the SH-101 Plug-out synthesizer for the System-1. The new software synthesizer is a complete reproduction of the SH-101, down to the fine details and odd quirks that make it compelling. Based on Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology, it not only reproduces the SH-101’s sounds, but it recreates the very behavior of its analog circuitry.

The now legendary SH-101 was a monophonic synthesizer launched by Roland in 1982. In contrast to the many complex synthesizers available at the time, the SH-101 quickly became popular for its characteristic tone and simple one-VCO > one-VCF > one-VCA > one-LFO structure. New enhanced tone shaping options and seamless DAW integration via AU and VSTi plugin interfaces go beyond the original hardware, and full plug-out support means the System-1 can be a dedicated controller and can even host the SH-101 without a computer.

Roland’s AIRA update and the SH-101 plug-out synthesizer are available now for free.


Author: FutureMusic

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