Dr. Pepper Debuts Hollywood Music Studio, Releases

Dr Pepper, a relatively small player in the global soft drink landscape, is embarking on a new strategy to positioning itself as a music culture ambassador. The new marketing tactics which speak to how other players, such as Red Bull and Mountain Dew, have gained significant traction by positioning their brands alongside action sports, music and films. Other concerns such as GoPro and Converse have also benefitted from this style of marketing. Dr. Pepper spends a fraction of what Coca-Cola and Pepsi do on marketing, which is said to reach $500 million annually.

Dr. Pepper’s new studio in Hollywood also includes distribution via a new deal to promote three EPs featuring new talent and established producers, something that Red Bull, Sonos and Converse have left off the table. Developed in a partnership with the Complex Media Group, the new endeavor launches on May 14th with “Only One Place To Get It” — a four-track EP produced by RZA. The Hood Internet, an up-and-coming Rap group, will release the second EP sometime in June, followed by two others. Dr Pepper will distribute the releases via Spotify, Batanga, Spin Media and Xbox.

Author: FutureMusic

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