Ableton Premiers Dark Synth

Ableton has partnered with Amazing Noises to present Dark Synth, a new Max for Live synthesizer that claims to provide vast sound-shaping possibilities of additive synthesis via an extensive, yet easy-to-use interface.
Max For Live - Dark Synth
At the heart of Dark Synth are 2048 independently-controllable sine wave oscillators (partials) which are capable of creating many varieties of classic waveforms such as sawtooth and square wave. This unique feature of Dark Synth creates a huge “choir” of oscillators to create a deep and natural chorus effect.

The hands-on interface lets users quickly and intuitively dial in complex and dynamic soundscapes, from vibrant warbling leads and warped bass sounds, to Detroit-style techno pads, lo-fi chillwave atmospheres, mutant organs, ambient textures, and much more. Along with stretch, overdrive, and granular stereo simulation effects, Dark Synth features the unique capability to create up to 128 detuned and phase-shifted copies of all 2048 partials. This vast ‘choir’ of oscillators creates a deep and natural chorus effect. Dark Synth’s selection of presets is both an extensive palette of production-ready sounds and an ideal starting point for exploring the radical sound design potential of additive synthesis.

Ableton’s Dark Synth is available now for $69 / €49.


Author: FutureMusic

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