Sennheiser Announces HD6 Mix, HD7 DJ & HD8 DJ Headphones

Sennheiser has announced a new range of mixing and DJ headphones, the HD6 Mix, HD7 DJ and HD8 DJ. Developed in conjunction with Bob Sinclar, Luciano, Andy Baxter, Missill and Davina, the three new DJ headphones claim to deliver quality sound reproduction with high levels of external noise attenuation.
The HD8 DJ is designed for professional DJs and features quality sound reproduction, while the HD7 DJ provides an engaging, dynamic sound that is especially suited for live performance. Both headphones deliver a mid-low end emphasis with clarity retained in the high frequencies, in addition to a tight overall sound. The HD6 meanwhile, is focused primarily at studio-based music creation and delivers a more balanced, accurate sound for mixing and monitoring work.

The DJ headphone range features comfort and durability, whether they are being used in the studio or in live performance. The elliptical shape of the ear cups prevents pinching and is enhanced by interchangeable ear pads for comfortable listening during long periods of use. Both DJ models feature a brand new swivel feature with up to 210° of movement and three different wearing positions. With both coiled and straight 3m cables included that can connect to either ear cup, the headphones can adapt to suit just about any user preference. A bayonet twist lock enables a secure connection to the headphones.

Sennheiser’s HD6 Mix ($279.95), HD7 DJ ($329.95) and HD8 DJ ($389.95) will be available in February.


Author: FutureMusic

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