Arturia Upgrades Spark To Version 2.0

Arturia has upgraded Spark to version 2.0, featuring a new interface that allows users to add and subtract modules (including oscillators, multimode filters and Karplus-Strong filter, ADR envelopes, LFOs, mixers, ring modulator, Bode Frequency Shifter, spring mass, and CV processor); create their own patch routings; and assign up to six macro controls for immediate control. Spark’s fully-modular VA (Virtual Analogue) sound engine adds 50 new kits — including no fewer than 800 new instruments — that span many more musical genres than ever before, including trap, hip-hop, tech house, and nu disco, to name but a few. Fortunately, these kits come complete with 32 patterns that can be used by themselves or form the basis of user-programmed beats.
With SPARK 2, Arturia has updated the look and feel of Spark to allow for faster workflow. New tabbed pages provide a cleaner look, more screen space, and faster access to the most needed features — features like an all-new Mixer window, expanded Pattern edit screen, and enhanced Library page for better data management. Spark 2 sees Song mode updated, as well. Song segments can now be configured and then replayed at the touch of a button. Users can create song sections that will play from one pattern to another and then recall these sections via the step buttons on the SPARK Creative Drum Machine and SparkLE Creative Drum Machine controllers.

As of March 2014, existing Spark and SparkLE Creative Drum Machine users can download Spark 2 for free. Spark Creative Drum Machine and SparkLE Creative Drum Machine can be purchased for $399 / €399 or $299 / €249.00, respectively.


Author: FutureMusic

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