Positive Grid Announces Bluetooth MIDI Foot Controllers

Positive Grid has announced the release of two fully-programmable Bluetooth MIDI foot controllers with I/O features for iPhone, iPad and Mac. The BT-2 and BT-4 foot controllers are designed to provide freedom and reliable operation in any live performance, studio recording or rehearsal situation.
Positive Grid BT-4
Users of MIDI-supported apps will be able to switch any parameter in the way they need without connecting cables: Guitarists can change stomp box effects in real time, bassists can switch their volume, and vocalists can quickly turn sheet music on a screen. Positive Grid’s BT-2 and BT-4 foot controllers are MIDI foot controllers based on Bluetooth 4.0 technology. They allow users to assign MIDI messages to the controllers by using an iOS app that edits the assignments. Each and every MIDI-compatible iOS app supports a standard communication protocol that enables them to be controlled wirelessly. These apps can be from the Positive Grid family of products – JamUp XT and JamUp Pro XT — or any other MIDI-compatible app or desktop software such as GarageBand, OnSong, Auria and so forth. Both BT pedals can be expanded by adding an expression pedal or footswitch using a ¼-inch phone-type jack, allowing musicians to control rotary functions like whammy and wah effects, keyboard sustain, amp gain and volume, EQ and more.

Technical Specs:
» Connection: Bluetooth 4.0
» Buttons: DPDT switch x 2 / DPDT switch x 4
» Guitar input: 1/4-inch phone type x 1 (BT-4 only)
» Output: Mono 1/4-inch phone type x 1 (BT-4 only)
» Headphone output: Stereo 1/8” phone type x 1 (BT-4 only)
» Expression pedal support: 1/4-inch phone type x 1
» iOS audio connection: 1/8-inch phone type x 1 (BT-4 only)
» Battery: AA battery x 2
» Size: 160 x 100 x 35 (BT-2); 280 x 100 x 37 (BT-4)

The option of having two differently sized Bluetooth controllers allows musicians to choose between a 4-button controller set for full wireless performance when recording and performing or a convenient, ultra-portable 2-button controller set for backstage use and day-to-day rehearsing. Both controllers are designed to fit in a backpack or even a laptop bag, and with its solid metal structure — this is unique in this product category — both controllers will withstand any live performance demands even in the most extreme situations. Independent LEDs are also included for each of the controllers’ footswitches, making visual monitoring easily visible under any lighting conditions, including dark stages.

Positive Grid’s Bluetooth foot controllers will cost $99.99 (BT-4 four-button set) and $79.99 (BT-2 two-button set). Both are slated for a Spring 2014 release.

Positive Grid

Author: FutureMusic

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