Franke Music Releases Stroke Machine – Groove Synth App For iPad

Franke Music, a new German concern founded by former Waldorf software developer Wolfram Franke, has released its debut product, Stroke Machine, a drum and groove synthesizer for Apple’s iPad (iOS 6.0 or higher).
Franke Music Stroke app
As implied by name, Stroke Machine lets users program their own rhythm and groove patterns and switch between them at a stroke in a live performance, mute or solo individual instruments, change parameters on the fly, and record performances as audio files for sharing or subsequent editing on a computer.

» 12 drum and percussion sound parts
» 12 melodic sound parts
» Number of voices only limited by CPU
» Four multi-effect busses
» Pattern with up to eight bars and 16th resolution, bar nominator and denominator freely adjustable
» Swing
» 128 patterns including all sounds in direct access
» Modulation sequencer for smooth or quantized automation of each continuous sound and bus parameter Track and solo mute
» Sample import
» Audio export of a pattern or the whole performance
» AudioBus Support
» WIST support

Stroke Machine’s user interface is specifically suited to overcoming subpar lighting conditions that are typically associated with onstage operation. Similarly, Stroke Machine’s synthesizer engine features oscillator, filter, overdrive, and effect models; fast envelopes and LFO; a pattern sequencer; and a sample, sound, and pattern library.

Sound creation possibilities come courtesy of Osc 1 and Osc 2 — both containing analog waveforms and sample playback; frequency and ring modulation; and a separate white and pink Noise generator with integrated multimode filter. All tone generators are summed into a Transient generator, followed by another multimode Filter and a Drive module (with several types), a sample rate converter and bit depth reduction stage (Redux), and a two-band EQ with shelf and bell curves. Freely-assignable modulations with an interface (Assign) offer flexibility. Each sound is mixed into one of four FX busses — each featuring a sum overdrive (Drive), a compressor, a modulation effect (such as chorus, flanger, phaser, or sum filter), and a space effect (such as delay or clocked delay, and natural, plate, or non-linear reverb choices).

Franke Music’s Stroke Machine is available from Apple’s App Store for an introductory price of $14.99 / €13.99 until December 26th; rising to $19.99 / €17.99 thereafter.

Franke Music

Author: FutureMusic

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