Starr Labs Releases Clipper MIDI/DJ Wireless Controller

Starr Labs has released a new Ztar Clipper controller, featuring an interactive, full-color LED fingerboard and wireless connection to Ableton Live for ease of accessibility and complete freedom of movement while performing.
starr labs clipper
The Clipper is a compact, portable and programmable LED-lit fingerboard that can remotely run an Ableton Live session. With 144 touch-sensitive buttons you can record and play a Live set in one area and perform guitar, bass, drums, add Live beat-repeats, whatever, in another area of the Lightboard.

» 144 velocity-sensitive RGB LED keys with over 32,000 colors
» 6 programmable Knobs
» 6 Programmable touchpads for Notes, Chords, Loops, MIDI CC’s, Lighting EFX
» Embedded bi-directional MIDI Wireless capability as an option. Be completely cable-free!
» Multi-purpose programmable Slider
» 4 way programmable joystick
» Sustain and Volume Pedal inputs
» MIDI I/O and USB2.
» Onboard Programming interface
» Easy user command set for controlling the LED lighting with any external MIDI sequencer or computer. Display and scroll text, images, and lighting effects. Get creative with Max for Live.
» Embedded step sequencer and arpeggiator
» Clipper – Clip-based Live Interactive Performance Controller

You can now record and play clips into the Live Session View interface and control Live at the tips of your fingers while you’re moving across the stage or interacting with your audience. The Clipper’s Lightboard offers 32,000 colors and can match the colors from the Live session running in your computer, and completely wirelessly when the AirPower option is installed.
This full-color LED fingerboard controller is also very versatile and can easily be programmed to display text messages, JPEGs, and animations. In addition to that, you can set up separate colored zones on the fingerboard to play bass, drums, piano, or any sounds using Live while connecting to hardware synths via MIDI.

In addition to portability and convenience, the Clipper’s LED fingerboard can be programmed to display text messages, JPEG images, animations and lighting FX in response to your touch or streamed in from an external computer. The fingerboard offers 32,000 colors that can be matched to your computer’s Ableton Live session. Separate colored zones can also be set up on the fingerboard to play clips, bass, drums, piano, or any other sounds by using Live or connecting to hardware synths with MIDI. With 144 touch-sensitive keys, a live set can be recorded in one zone while solo performances can be played in another.

At the core of the Clipper’s lighting control is a library of lighting commands that can be programmed on the Clipper and performed directly by playing the Clipper’s fretboard, drumpads, ribbon, knobs, joystick, and pedals. By connecting the Clipper’s USB port to a computer, you can stream live lighting FX from Max-for-Live, any sequencer, or create your own software.

The Ztar Clipper LightBoard Controller is unlike any controller on the market and is sure to appeal to well-heeled guitarists who are looking for a provocative way to viscerally incorporate Ableton Live into their performances.

Starr Labs’ Clipper costs $1695 ($1995 with bi-directional MIDI Wireless and Battery Pack) and is available now.

Starr Labs

Author: FutureMusic

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