API Debuts The Box – Small-Format Analog Mixer

Automated Processes Inc. (API) has announced The Box, a small-format, project analog console. The Box is specifically designed for audio professionals with project or home studios who require a smaller format console but want that full-blown, large console sound. True to its heritage, The Box features the same circuitry, performance and legendary API sound as the company’s Vision, Legacy Plus and 1608 consoles.
api-the-box small format analog mixing console
Optimized for the digital era, The Box handles all the functions needed for production not provided by most DAWs, including mic preamps, input signal processing, high-quality mix bus, cue sends with talkback, monitor control, and more, without the redundant capacities of larger consoles. Most importantly, The Box provides the all discrete API sound in an efficient, cost-effective package.

» Two (2) input channels with mic/instrument/line preamp, HP filter, & integral 550A EQ
» Two (2) input channels with mic/instrument/line preamp, HP filter, & 500 slot
» Two (2) compressors assignable to input channels or program bus with stereo link
» Sixteen (16) summing channels (20 channels during mix)
» Stereo program bus with master fader, insert, and external input
» One (1) stereo and (2) mono auxiliary sends/buses
» Stereo cue send/bus & headphone system
» PFL, AFL, and solo-in-place solo modes with stereo solo bus
» Full-featured monitor section that supports two stereo monitor systems
» Talkback system
» Comprehensive rear panel connections with balanced inputs and outputs
» Integrated power supply

API’s The Box will set you back 18 Large.


Author: FutureMusic

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