IK Multimedia Unveils iRig BlueBoard – Wireless MIDI Pedalboard

IK Multimedia has unveiled the iRig BlueBoard, a new wireless MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. The BlueBoard is aimed at the guitar market with IK’s fine assortment of guitar effects and processing apps, but can also control other iOS gear via their free middleware BlueBoard app, which opens up a slew of possibilities for electronic musicians and DJs, especially those who play live.
iRig Blueboard wireless midi pedalboard
iRig BlueBoard is the first wireless MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and the Mac, utilizing Bluetooth technology to transmit MIDI messages to control app and software functions and features. Musicians can use iRig BlueBoard to control parameters in their favorite music making apps — such as stompbox effects on/off, preset patch-switching on the fly, volume or wah control, or any other MIDI controllable function. Set-up is as simple as turning on the power and launching the iRig BlueBoard companion app and assigning the backlit pads to the desired control function. Although the unit looks quite simple, it contains a lot of power and some innovative features beyond triggering parameters on/off.

iRig BlueBoard uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to transmit the actions of its four onboard, backlit footswitches and its two optional external devices. The Bluetooth signals are then converted into MIDI messages and routed internally to the music app/application. Any music app or Mac music-software application that is MIDI compatible can be controlled wirelessly. iRig BlueBoard is also expandable — musicians can add up to two standard additional expression pedals or footswitches via the unit’s two TRS 1/4” expansion jacks, allowing for control of continuous rotary functions like wah effects, volume, EQ, gain control, etc. Very Cool!
IK Multimedia's iRig BlueBoard Ecosystem
For a guitarist or vocalist using a mobile multi-FX app like AmpliTube or VocaLive as a sound processor, iRig BlueBoard provides the foot-controlled functionality and convenience of a pedalboard, but with a form factor so compact and portable that it can easily slide into a backpack, a laptop bag or an instrument case. Because it’s wireless, iRig BlueBoard puts musicians on stage without being tethered to their mobile device. The unit’s range is over 30 feet, giving players a great deal of mobility to roam the stage that would be impossible with a wired unit. Because the footswitches are backlit, they’re easy to see in all lighting conditions, even on a dark stage.

iRig BlueBoard is extremely compact, light and portable, measuring only 27 10.6″ x 3.5″ and less than an inch tall. It’s lightweight, but with a sturdy, stageworthy chassis and four footswitches made of soft-touch rubber and designed for durability. iRig BlueBoard is battery powered using 4 standard AAA batteries, and because it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), it draws very little power giving it long battery life for extended operation.

iRig BlueBoard is compatible with iPhone 5 and 4S, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad Mini, and iPod touch 5th generation. For Mac, it’s compatible with any model that supports Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Low Energy, like any MacBook Air, Mac Mini, or MacBook Pro that was released after June 2012.

IK’s iRig BlueBoard is priced at a very reasonable $99.99 / €79.99, and is available now.

IK Multimedia

Author: FutureMusic

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