Robert Zildjian Dead At 89

Robert Zildjian passed away at the age of 89. As any drummer would attest, Zildjian is one of the best known brands in the market and RZ was a big part of the success of the company until he split from the family business to launch Sabian.
Zildjian grew Sabian into the number two cymbal company in the world, with only his family’s namesake ahead of him, which he ran for years.

“This is a very personal and emotional time for our family. The passing of my uncle, who lived to be almost 90 years old, represents the last of a generation of Zildjians. Much will be written about my uncle’s accomplishments and the company he built, but in the end it’s about family. My thoughts and prayers go out to my Aunt Willi and my cousins Andy, Bill and Sally in their time of grief.” –Craigie Zildjian

Author: FutureMusic

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