Image-Line Debuts Deckadance 2 Beta

Image-Line has just released a beta of their mixing software Deckadance 2, revealing unique concepts for computer-based DJing.

Decks: Scalable and switchable between two and four decks; Detachable library; customizable smart panels: including hot cues, beat grid, loops, DVS, keylock pitch and smartknob.
Smartknobs: Link a single knob to any number of FX and Mixer interface targets under user-programmable envelope control
GrossBeat: 8 user defined FX per deck with integrated editor. Programmable and automated glitch, stutter & scratch functions
Effects: Up to 3 chained insert effects per track (choose from 10) applied independently to High/Mid or Low band
Sampler: 1/32 to 16 step beat-matched easy sampling. One shot, trigger, retrigger and loop modes.
Smart Panels: User configurable Loop, Cue, Grid, DVS, Key, Smart Knob and Tempo panels. From 2 to 8 per deck.
VST host & Client: Hosts VST plug-ins. Includes Effector VST plug-in.
Library: iTunes library support. Play lists and automated mixing options.

Using Deckadance 2 With The Novation LaunchPad

Download the Beta:
Windows | Mac OSX | Manual


Author: FutureMusic

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