FELTaudio Unveils Modular Bluetooth Audio Gadgets

FELTaudio has unveiled a new line of innovative and portable modular audio products for mobile devices. This system claims to provide a hassle-free solution for on-the-go premium audio experiences. The set consists of two patented interchangeable Bluetooth-enabled audio products – REWIND, which houses quality earbuds with a retraction cable management system, and PULSE, a small multi-functional Bluetooth speaker.
Both the REWIND earbud cartridge and the PULSE speaker quickly and conveniently pair with Apple, Android and other Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, including desktops, laptops and even your car audio system. REWIND and PULSE also come with a clip that can be attached to garments, a seatbelt or backpack strap, or used as a stand. For Apple users, FELTaudio also created specially-designed protective cases for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that conveniently attach to the REWIND earbuds and PULSE speaker so that you can grab your device and bring your audio wherever you go.

The FELTaudio PULSE speaker is a slim Bluetooth speaker and portable conference calling device. The rechargeable speaker’s sturdy construction and design are complemented by solid sound quality. The PULSE’s compact size makes it pocketable and portable, plus it comes with a patented polycarbonate stand and clip that make it simple to mount or clip the speaker wherever you are. The PULSE speaker connects to your mobile device in just seconds and includes an integrated omni-directional microphone to make conference calls simple and more effective. You can even clip the speaker to your car visor or seatbelt for hands-free calls on the road, or clip it to your pocket to share your music while you’re walking, riding your bike or at the park with friends.

The PULSE speaker features a sync button for ease of use, and comes in snow crash white, black out and ash gray. The PULSE speaker snaps onto FELTaudio cases to take a ride on the back of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, so that you’ll always know exactly where the speaker is and be ready to share your music or calls with the touch of a button. PULSE also includes its own carrying satchel.
felt rewind retractable earphones
The Bluetooth-enabled system houses quality earbuds with FELTaudio’s patented cable management system. The retractable flat-wire earbuds unwind and rewind seamlessly, providing you with a tangle-free, slack-free and hassle-free experience. REWIND earbuds pair with all of your Bluetooth devices within seconds and allow wireless freedom up to 40+ feet from your device, phone, laptop or desktop. With integrated volume controls and skip and answer buttons on the earbud cartridge, and a microphone on the earbud cord, you will be in control of all audio experiences at the touch of a button.

The REWIND system connects onto all of the FELTaudio mobile device cases. Flat cables keep the earbuds tangle-free and feature 9.2mm drivers housed in an acoustically engineered enclosure. The earbud cartridge has built-in power controls and a microUSB port for easy charging.

The REWIND earbuds are available in:
» Snow crash white with gray cables and black chrome earbuds
» Black out with black cables and black chrome earbuds
» Ash gray with gray cables and black chrome earbuds

FELTaudio’s specially-designed protective cases for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch conveniently attach to the REWIND earbuds and PULSE speaker so that you can grab your device and bring your audio wherever you go. Comprised of resilient polycarbonate with a soft felt interior lining, the cases ensure your devices are elegantly shielded from daily wear and tear. The cases can be used with or without the audio cartridges, and allow for access to all ports and controls while providing superior protection and style. Case color choices include white, black and warm gray.

No pricing or availability has been announced at this time.

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