Holophone Announces Super C – New Condenser Vocal Microphone

Holophone, known more for their enclosed multi-channel surround microphone setups, has announced a new line of single-channel stage and studio microphones. Designed for live, recording, and broadcast applications, these new Holophone mics are uniquely customizable.
The new Super C handheld supercardioid condenser is the first in a new line of customizable performance mics created by Holophone. Claiming to combine ruggedness and low handling noise, the Super C features the same proprietary capsule technology employed in Holophone’s surround microphones.

Holophone’s new mics deliver more than just distinct sonic character – they also deliver individuality, with a design that allows the user to quickly customize the mic’s appearance on the fly. Each microphone’s casing, windscreen, and grille can be instantly changed to any of a wide range of custom colors.

The new Super C costs $499 and will be available sometime in 2013.


Author: FutureMusic

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