Radical Engineering Premiers The Powerhouse 500 Series Rack

Radial Engineering has released the Powerhouse, a 10 slot power rack for the popular 500 series format. The Powerhouse begins with heavy duty 14 gauge steel construction throughout for improved shielding against noise induced magnetic fields and greater durability when traveling between studios or when on tour.

Radical Powerhouse
Each channel slot is equipped with separate XLR i/o along with parallel 1/4″ TRS connectors for splitting the signal, cross patching, or acting as a patch bay mult. Instead of having to patch one module into the next using a cable, an innovative FEED function does the patching with a simple slide of a switch. And instead of having to solder stereo pairs, a LINK switch is easily activated when stereo modules are needed. Following the WHOS-Doc open source document, the Powerhouse is equipped with Omniport 1/4″ TRS that accommodates special functions on Radial 500 series modules as well as several others made by other manufacturers of 500 series who have adopted the Radial design standard. For instance, on Radial modules the Omniport may be an instrument input on a preamp, a key input on a compressor or even a remote switch.

Powering concerns are addressed with a 1600 milliamp external supply. This delivers a shared pool for each module for significantly more headroom than others. The extra power eliminates brown-outs while the external design keeps the noise out of the box. Each slot is equipped with safety measures for safe use and the Powerhouse is 100% backward compatible with older 500 series modules while being completely suitable for the new breeds that are beginning to appear.

Radical’s Powerhouse is available now for $1000.


Author: FutureMusic

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