SMS-based Music Download Service Music2text Premiers

Music2text, a UK-based, Text Message music download service has launched. The service is entirely free to use if the artist or label opts to give the track or ringtones away for free. It costs £20 if the label or artists wishes to sell the track, after which the seller keeps 100% of the revenue, net sales. Fans simply text a song’s name to 60444 to connect to a mobile music store, where they can download the track for free, 50p or £1.00, as determined by the label or artist. They can also opt to stream or email the track, and follow the artist via Facebook or Twitter.

Placing the text codes on artists’ promotional materials turns posters and flyers, TV and radio interviews, even concerts, into instant impulse purchasing opportunities. In addition, Music2text captures mobile numbers of participating opt-in fans, enabling UK labels and artists to build a valuable database for future marketing campaigns.

Music2text has been successfully piloted with UK hip hop and RnB artists Bashy (via Essential Music), Starboy Nathan (via Absolute Marketing), Marvell and independent labels, who have helped fine-tune the system through stealth and beta stages. The company is in talks with majors and leading UK independent record labels, global digital distribution companies such as INgrooves, Zimbalan, Believe Digital, and top tier management firms such as Crown Music Management.

Broadcasters can also use Music2text to turn video into a potential sales channel, by displaying the text short-code in or alongside it online or on television. The company is currently in talks with companies including Channel 5 who are interested in monetising through new mobile models. The platform is fully PRS compliant and is in the process of becoming chart registered.

How it works: Record labels, self releasing artists, producers, managers and unsigned musicians upload an MP3, with artwork, select a retail price and then choose a mobile keyword, which is the name of the track. A mobile music store that is bespoke to the artist is auto generated. If a song is called “Love Me Do” fans can text the word Love, Me or Do to 60444 to receive an SMS with a web link. Once clicked upon the mobile music store immediately opens. Tracks can then be streamed, downloaded, emailed or accessed by promo code by fans. An artist can capture their entire audience not only live from the stage, but also from Twitter, Facebook, flyers, posters, TV radio interviews or anywhere the text song name keyword(s) can be visually displayed.

Said Crown Music Management Chairman (and former MD of Island Records) Marc Marot “This is a great example of a fully transparent mobile service that can accommodate all sectors of the industry, be it major, independent or unsigned.”

Music2text acts as a mobile distributor, retailer, marketing and royalty reporting partner; its PRS-compliant solution delivers single tracks via SMS over 3G networks. No set up costs, subscription charges or hidden fees. Labels and self-releasing artists can sell tracks with SMS and keep 100% net of sales. Music2text provides FREE mobile music stores triggered by SMS. It is HTML5 ready, IOS friendly and cross compatible with any smart device that receives the web. Music2text is compliant with the Code of Practice of that regulates the content, promotion and overall operation of all premium rate telecommunication services in the UK.

The Music2text mobile music store is not an APP; it is HTML5 ready, IOS friendly and compatible with all smart devices that receive the mobile web.


Author: FutureMusic

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