Softube Bundles Summit Audio Plug-Ins For Ultimate Channel Strip

Softube has bundled three of their Summit Audio plugs to create the ultimate software channel strip. The Grand Channel combines the warm and smooth tone sculpting EQF-100 passive equalizer with the rich sounding TLA-100A compressor. As a modern addition to the classic TLA-100A, the plug-in also includes Parallel Compression, Saturation Control and Low Cut Filtering on input or detector.
These two pieces of classic Summit Audio gear are what professional sound engineers have used for more than two decades to make their mixes sound just right. When the EQF-100 and TLA-100A were designed, Summit Audio made sure to combine the finest of what vintage tube designs had to offer with a modern sense of how these units should stand the test of time. The result was remarkable, and today you can experience the Summit Audio grandeur in digital form, just reach for the Grand Channel!

» Bundle of 3 plug-ins:
— Summit Audio Grand Channel plug-in
— Summit Audio TLA-100A Leveling Amplifier plug-in
— Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range Passive Tube Equalizer plug-in
» Easy to use with huge sonic range
» Individual bypass for each of the two units saves CPU
» Possibility to change the order of the equalizers and compressor
» Each and every component carefully modeled
» Extremely analog behavior of frequencies, phase, distortion, attack, release, etc.

The Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range Passive Tube Equalizer really sets the standard for all passive equalizer designs. The superior build quality and the perfect fusion of vintage and modern design choices is what makes it great, and that will make a difference to your sound.

The flexibility and smoothness are the key features of the EQF-100. Four fully parametric bands of equalization and additional three position low and high cut filters make the EQF-100 a go-to equalizer for any sound or instrument in your mix. A mix that no doubt will sound warmer and fatter with the help of the EQF-100 and its unique blend of tube and solid state technology. If you want more edge from your EQ, just drive the output meter into the red and you’ll experience a woody and thick saturation coming from the output stage.

» Modeled output stage distortion
» Four fully parametric bands of equalization
» Two three-position low and high cut filters
» Smooth sound and flexible operation
» Each and every component carefully modeled

Softube’s Grand Channel will set you back $269 as a digital download.


Author: FutureMusic

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