Denon Announces DJ SC2900 Media Player For July Debut

Denon DJ SC2900 marks a revolution for Professional, Club and Studio DJs by bringing Denon DJs first ever static-platter controller and media player combining the ultimate in ground-breaking design and the highest in industry-standard quality.


» 7-inch Touch Sensitive ‘Eclipse’ Platter with LED Cue & Position Marker
» Natively supported by Traktor 2 software, Traktor LE 2 included
» Media Server for “Engine” Software (Included)
» Player Link Network — File Share between Networked SC3900
» Playback Direct from USB / PC / MAC / CD
» Compatible with included ENGINE Music Management Software (PC/Mac)
» ENGINE iPad app available for easy file searching and player status display
» Player Link function for sharing USB drives across multiple SC2900 / SC3900s (up to four) and for connection to ENGINE software (PC/Mac/ iPad).
» Seamless switching between media source devices
» Built-In USB / MIDI control function
» Built-In USB audio interface (ASIO / CORE compliant)
» Supports CD-DA, CD-ROM and audio playback from USB memory devices (AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV)
» Burr Brown 24 bit DAC processing for superior audio fidelity
» Redesigned PLAY and CUE buttons for greater tactile feel and response
» Fast search and quick jump functions
» Top mounted USB port for USB stick and hard disk drives
» 4 dedicated Hot Cues (8 in MIDI mode via MIDI layer option)
» Auto / manual loop functions
» New SLIP function with dedicated button
» Deep pitch resolution and key adjust
» 4-Way BPM counter (Auto BPM, Manual TAP, Manual BPM, Reads BPM Metadata)
» BPM sync feature
» 3-way pitch bend functionality
» Digital output
» Fast loading slot-in drive
denon-sc2900 back
Designed with both Professional and Club DJs in mind, the Denon DJ SC2900 steps-up to the booth with a fresh take on true digital-media versatility. No longer is there a need to struggle dragging a mass of CDs to the club or through the studio doors – the SC2900 includes playback from USB drives and offers the ability to share one USB stick over (up to) four networked Denon DJ SC2900 or SC3900s. However, traditional CD DJs and producers can still make the most of the front mounted CD slot, and pure software DJs can utilise the Traktor 2 compatibility* to mix and produce.

‘ENGINE inside’ ensures compatibility with ENGINE software – a unique combination of software and hardware that empowers todays DJs with high speed access and control over their extensive digital music libraries. Leaving the ENGINE software to manage the set from a USB connected, or networked, PC or MAC and the hard work down to the player itself – reducing the need for a super-powerful computer to manage the DJs performance.

What set’s the Denon DJ SC2900 apart from the conventional “club CDJ” is its leap forward in display technologies with the introduction of the ‘Eclipse’ platter with glowing LED markers that surround the circumference; enabling a very clear and elegant method of accurately displaying ‘Cue Point’ and ‘Playback’ markers. Combined with the ENGINE for iPad® App means that a networked iPad becomes the biggest and most versatile media navigation screen in the industry, giving every DJ a powerful way to manage tracks and playlists, ready to perform, all through the iPad touchscreen.

The button layout reflects that of the popular SC3900 with a bank of Loops and Cues top left of the platter for throwing down samples and top right are the navigation controls ensuring the fastest access to the DJing essentials. Similarly reflecting the same newly redesigned ‘Hard’ Cue and Play buttons with the only significant layout change to be the ‘SLIP’ button which replaces the SC3900s ‘DUMP’ button: for reverse, loop, and scratch whilst continuing playback at the same rhythm and point that would have been reached prior to pushing ‘slip’ – an essential editing feature in the studio and the booth for dropping out inappropriate lyrics without disturbing the flow of music.


Author: FutureMusic

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