Ohm Force Unleashes Ohm Studio – Real-time Collaborative DAW

Ohm Force has unleashed Ohm Studio, a real-time collaborative digital audio workstation. Start a project, invite musicians and make music together. It’s as simple as that.
» Multi-track recording — Record Audio or MIDI on the fly. Edit, cut, loop in a few clicks.
» Work with Patterns — Record notes, automations, and MIDI events inside the same Pattern. Then split, loop, or link with ease.
» Full-featured mixer — VU meters, balance, mid-side, inserts, sends, master… all the tools you need to fine-tune your track and more.
» VST support — Keep using your plug-ins even if other project members don’t own them.
» Straightforward & fluid interface
» Real-time collaboration — Don’t bother waiting your turn. Chat, listen, record, and edit simultaneously with others within a same project.
» Cohmmunity — Get in touch with other musicians. Find the ideal singer and that funky horn player and invite them to your project, be they your neighbors or folks living a thousand miles away.
» Seamless synchronization — Don’t bother thinking about data transfer. Everything is done in the background, so that you can stay focused on music.
» Collaborative freeze — No worry if your partner doesn’t have a plug-in of yours! Use freeze to make your track available for listening while freeing up CPU load at the same time.
» Cross-platform — Not only comes Ohm Studio for PC and Mac, but users of both platforms can finally work together on a same project!
» Safe back-up solution — Missing back-up, broken hard drive, data corruption… Amazon’s 99.9999999% secure cloud-based system make all these troubles of the past.

Ohm Studio

Author: FutureMusic

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