Lauten Audio Premiers FC-387 Atlantis Solid-State Condenser Microphone

Lauten Audio has premiered a solid-state multi-functional, large-diaphragm condenser microphone, the FC-387 “Atlantis.” The Atlantis microphone features multiple switches for three different polar patterns, gain, and unique timbre settings. The modern FET offers a blend of full and rich low and mid-range, as well as smooth and unique high-mid and high-frequencies.
The idea of the FC-387 was conceived over several years during conversations with engineer Fabrice DuPont of Flux Studios. Fab had acquired several Lauten microphones over the years and I would pick his brain at industry tradeshows about the mics.

Multiple switches located on each side and back of the FC-387 Atlantis microphone allow the engineer to uniquely configure it. First is a polar pattern switch giving recordists the option of choosing between Cardioid, Omnidirectional or Figure-8 polar patterns. Borrowing the options from its sibling the Lauten Audio ‘Clarion’ FC-357 microphone, the Atlantis features a -10db and +10dB switch. The +10dB gain switch increases versatility by allowing a choice of whether to have more character from the preamplifier gain or directly from the microphone. While the -10dB switch reduces its output and increases the maximum SPL level allowing it to record very loud sources.

What makes the Atlantis microphone unique is its voicing switch. This feature gives recordists three very different timbres to choose from that satisfy an extremely wide range of recorded sources. The options are: Gentle, Neutral and Forward. The ‘Gentle’ position provides maximum control of bright or peaky sources like S’s in vocal recordings. The ‘Neutral’ position offers a nice even response with good control over vocal S’s and other audio peaks, while the ‘Forward’ position can help bring life to dull sources without having to use EQ, but while still maintaining control over any peaks.

» 31.25mm dual large diaphragm pressure gradient transducer microphone
» Polar Patterns: Omnidirectional, Cardioid and Figure-8 selectable
» Circuit: Low-noise solid-state FET
» Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20Khz
» Dynamic Range: 120dB minimum
» Impedance: < 200 ohms » Max. SPL: 0.5%THD@1000Hz: 130dB » Self-noise Level: < 12dB(A) » Sensitivity: 16mV/Pa OR -36±2dB 0dB=1V/Pa 1000Hz » Special Features: -- 3-way -10 dB attenuation, 0dB and +10dB gain switch -- 3-way Gentle, Neutral, Forward voicing switch -- 3-way Polar pattern switch » Connector: 3-Pin standard XLR » Power Requirement: +48V phantom power Lauten’s Atlantis FC-387 microphone will set you back $1599 when it’s released in Q2 of 2012.


Author: FutureMusic

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